Disciplines 2019

Disciplines 2019:

Mountain biking

– Gravel roads and a few sealed roads. (More to come)


Trekking / Running

– (More to come)



– Kayaks will be provided by race organizers. (More to come)



- Will include abseiling, ascending etc. (More to come)


Navigation and orienteering

– Navigation is an extremely important part of the race. The course is not marked and teams are required to navigate using maps. Viking Raid will provide the main race maps.



- Like in any other adventure races, you should expect some surprises and special tasks.



Thanks to our partners and sponsors:

The first Danish adventure race for Scandinavian teams in Tarragona, Spain

The toughest and longest adventure race in Denmark

- ever

Viking Raid will end at the home of Erik the Red and Leif Erikson (the Discoverer of America)

Viking Raid - adventure race series

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