Denmark 2017

Viking Raid 450 Denmark, 2017 - CANCELED

Viking Raid 450, CANCELED

The toughest and the longest adventure race competition organized in Denmark - ever.


Viking Raid 450 is a sport event where teams of four must travel minimum 450 km, in less than 72 hours, by practicing various disciplines/sports activities, and that has to be done non-stop.


Competition strategy, e.g. speed, relaxation, sleep, food etc. is up to the teams themselves. During the competition the participants must prove their psychical and physical preparedness, individual skills as well as their ability of team cooperation. Even if only one member cannot overcome the difficulties of the competition and quits, the effort of the whole team is over.


This Viking Raid adventure race will take place in the eastern part of Denmark and the itinerary is shown just hours before the start of competition.


The race is a part of the Danish Adventure Race Cup and the European cup AREuroSeries.


Race Details:




5th – 8th August 2017



Eastern Denmark (Coming)


AR cup/series:

Adventure Racing European Series (EARS)

Danish Adventure Race Cup - Master (DARU)



4 people teams, mix (both gender) - EARS + DARU

4 people teams, female - DARU

4 people teams, male - DARU



Trekking/running, Mountain Bike, Kayak, Canoe, Ropes, Navigation, Swimming - and more to come... Read more her.


Costs per team:

17. Dec '16 - 31. Dec '16 - DONE

1. Jan '17 - 26. Feb '17 - € 1.550,- / DKK: 11.500,-

27. Feb '17 - 1. Jun '17 - € 1.735,- / DKK: 13.000,-

- Entries close Wednesday 1st June at 20:00



1 night of accommodation included for team members before and after the race.

(2 nights in total. Friday to Saturday and Tuesday to Wednesday)


Course Open:

3 Days (72 hours)


Race Distance: Minimum 450 km (more info to come)

Winning Time Estimate: 3 Days (62 hours)


Team Number Limit:

25 Teams



EARS - Unsupported

DARU - Unsupported



(more info to come)


Mandatory Equip:

Yes (more info to come)






- International teams

- Danish teams


Payment - International teams only:


IBAN: DK28 5035 0001 5504 18



Bank info:

Jyske Bank

Faendediget 1 A

4600 Koege




AR sport (Viking Raid) has public liability insurance to cover the event. This however does not cover personal injury. Therefore you need to bring your own personal insurance to cover all eventualities in your outdoor endeavour.




Entry Requirements


Competitors must:


• Be 18 years or older on the day of the event.


• Be familiar with all disciplines involved inc. ability to swim 50m+ for kayaking stage. (remember you will also have a PFD on)


• Have navigational competence and appropriate outdoor experience.


• Be physically fit and able to cope with the demands of the event.


• Be suitably equipped at all times.


• Minimise their impact on the environment during the event respecting other users of the land.


• Accept responsibility for themselves and their belongings.


• Be prepared to follow the rules and conditions provided with final details.


• Have a personal insurance to cover all eventualities in your outdoor endeavour.

Thanks to our partners and sponsors:

The first Danish adventure race for Scandinavian teams in Tarragona, Spain

The toughest and longest adventure race in Denmark

- ever

Viking Raid will end at the home of Erik the Red and Leif Erikson (the Discoverer of America)

Viking Raid - adventure race series

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