Mountain biking

– There is NO mountains in the Kingdom of Denmark, but the teams should still be prepared for a range of riding including single track, gravel roads and sealed roads.


Trekking / Running

– will involve travelling by foot through diverse terrain. Remember that the Kingdom of Denmark is flat.


Kayaking / Canoeing

– Canoes will be provided by race organizers. Kayaks will NOT be provided by race organizers. (See kayak rental - later) Kayaking and canoeing will be on sea, rivers or lakes. Generally canoeing and kayaking will be permitted during both day and night. Kayaks must be for sea-kayaking with waves and a lot of wind. Teams will be advised in advance about any obstacles.



- teams will be required to cross rivers, lakes or sea sections. For swim sections all members of each team must swim and PFD’s (Personal flotation device) /lifejackets is mandatory on these sections. Swimsuits is mandatory for some swim sections.



- There is a lot of nice sealed roads in the Kingdom of Denmark. So get ready for a lot of km. in your in-liners.



- Will include abseiling, ascending etc.


Navigation and orienteering

– Navigation is an extremely important part of the race. The course is not marked and teams are required to navigate using maps. Viking Raid will provide the main race maps, these will be 1: (coming) Scale.

There will also be some orienteering sections doing the race. Teams will be supplied with local orienteering maps during these sections of the race.



- Like in any other adventure races, you should expect some surprises and special tasks.




Thanks to our partners and sponsors:

The first Danish adventure race for Scandinavian teams in Tarragona, Spain

The toughest and longest adventure race in Denmark

- ever

Viking Raid will end at the home of Erik the Red and Leif Erikson (the Discoverer of America)

Viking Raid - adventure race series

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