The conditions mentioned below apply to the purchase of start numbers for Viking Raid adventure races arranged by AR sport.


Viking Raid adventure race series is held by the association AR sport in collaboration with ARDK and Viking Raid’s partners.




Signing-up a team to Viking Raid

Short after signing-up to the race you receive an e-mail regarding the payment.

After the payment has been made, you receive a receipt by e-mail. If you do not get the receipt or if you detect errors on it, please contact Viking Raid right away. The participants are responsible of checking that all personal information is correct and to inform Viking Raid if any information has been changed.


Participation fee and payment options

The participation fee is without VAT following Danish law on VAT exemption in amateur sports. Viking Raid does not collect an administration fee. Right now it is only possible to pay by bank transfer.


Product liability, right of withdrawal and reimbursement

According to the Danish consumer agreement law on commerce on the Internet, the provider, in this case Viking Raid/AR sport, are responsible for product liability. The participant (the buyer) does not possess, according to the Danish consumer agreement law on commerce on the Internet, the right of withdrawal, as recreational leisure activities are not a part of the agreement.


It is possible to hand over the participation fee to another team. Unauthorised use of a sign-up can lead to disqualification.



The participants need to be healthy and believe that they can complete the full Viking Raid on their own/with the team. It is recommended that the rest of the team members and also the race direction are informed about any special conditions related to their health.



At the sign-up, the participants confirm they agree that their participation is under their own responsibility and that nor the organiser, the partners or the sponsors can be held responsible for injuries or damages the participant could get or could provoke on others during the race, and which can not be attributed to Viking Raid/AR sport.


To participate in Viking Raid it is necessary that more than 50% of the team’s participants are over 18. Participants under 18 must confirm that parents or a guardian have accepted the participation of the underaged in the race. It is those participants over 18 who have the responsibility for the participants under 18. The race direction can require a written authorisation from the parents or guardian.



All participants are in charge themselves of contracting an insurance when participating in adventure races like Viking Raid. The race direction also recommends that all participants contract an insurance on their equipment.


Cancellation and force majeure

In case of cancellation because of force majeure or the authorities’ demand, which Viking Raid/AR sport can not be held responsible for, it is not possible to get a refund of the participation fee and costs related to the event.

Errors and omissions excepted

Viking Raid/AR sport make reservation for possible errors and omissions in the given prices and description of the event in the online as well as in the printed material. All information is disclosed subject to changes.




Personal data privacy

Viking Raid/AR sport reserve the right to show the participant’s name, club, country, company, year of birth and nationality on the race number, participant lists and rankings. Personal data given when signing up and participating in Viking Raid’s/AR sport’s races are stored by the organiser and will never be handed in or sold to a third party, besides before mentioned disclosure or when doing anonymous statistics. E-mail addresses will exclusively be used to send necessary information about the race to the participants, unless other is agreed upon.


Use of media material

Photos, video footage, interviews and other similar media material, in which the participants appear through their participation in Viking Raid/AR sport’s races, can freely be used by the organisers including for marketing purposes. All photos the organisers use in online media as well as in printed media, including webpages, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media, have copyright and are not allowed to be used with marketing or commercial purposes without previous agreement. The official press photos provided in the media package can be used freely when talking about Viking Raid/AR sport’s races. In relation to use of photos, please contact the race organiser.


Special conditions or equipment

Every single Viking Raid adventure race has its own equipment list, which is updated continuously. It is the team’s responsibility to bring the mentioned equipment from the equipment list, which is closed by the race direction two weeks before race start. The participants themselves are fully responsible for the equipment they have brought with them. The organiser and its collaborators can not be held responsible for any possible damage of the equipment brought to the race by the participants.

DARU rules

The race is held following Dansk Adventure Race Union’s (Danish Adventure Race Union) standard set of rules.

Read them here.



If you have any questions, do not hesitate in contacting Viking Raid through the webpage.



It is important that all adventure racers comply with the international AR-codex:

- All teams leave nothing but their footprints

- All teams move around in the nature and Towns/cities with care.

- All teams comply with the country’s laws and rules.

- All teams follow the race direction’s briefings on the route, special conditions and rules.

- All teams can, whenever they want, refuse to complete the race’s challenges if one or more members from the team do not have the necessary knowledge or skills to follow through with the challenge in a safe and proper manner.

Thanks to our partners and sponsors:

The first Danish adventure race for Scandinavian teams in Tarragona, Spain

The toughest and longest adventure race in Denmark

- ever

Viking Raid will end at the home of Erik the Red and Leif Erikson (the Discoverer of America)

Viking Raid - adventure race series

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