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Viking Raid

Viking Raid adventure race series are started by the race director Nils Gisli


In 2000, Nils founded the adventure race organization AdventureRacing Denmark (ARDK) to promote and bring together sport and culture under one organization. For 10 years Nils worked with the Danish adventure race sport and culture, before he took a break of 5 years.


Nils is back again - and this time it's with both AR Sports, Adventure Racing Denmark and all three adventure races under the name Viking Raid.

The three Viking Raids are held in three different locations in the world, each with their own race organization.

Nils is conceptualist of all three Viking Raids. It is very important for Nils that local adventure people are involved in the three events, as these individuals have a unique knowledge of the area, the landscape and especially safety.

Without the many volunteers and partners behind Viking Raid adventure race series, it is not possible to make such big events. It means a lot to Nils, to thank all the volunteers and all the partners and sponsors of the Viking Raid, for their interest, support and backing for the project.

Thanks to all

A big thanks to all those who has support the Viking Raid

- without you, it was not possible.


Nils Gisli

Race director

Viking Raid - AR sport


Thanks to our partners and sponsors:

The first Danish adventure race for Scandinavian teams in Tarragona, Spain

The toughest and longest adventure race in Denmark

- ever

Viking Raid will end at the home of Erik the Red and Leif Erikson (the Discoverer of America)

Viking Raid - adventure race series

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